clean kicks one year anniversary!!


I can't believe it has already been a year. I love getting to share all of my thoughts and feelings with you guys! It has been so incredible to write about my heart for God and my love of fashion... and for people to actually read it! Seriously, thanks so much to all of you who read my blog! I know that God has made me exactly who I am on purpose and for purpose and I'm thankful this blog gives me a place to talk about that. Having this space to openly talk about and bring awareness to what it is like to be special needs is so amazing. It has been so cool to interact with you guys on things that I care about and to connect with other people all over the place, especially people in the special needs community.  Because of this blog, I got to meet the coolest girl who is about my age with special needs who lives in Texas. Talking to her over facetime has been so amazing cause she is tons of fun but also because the first time we talked she shared how much my blog has meant to her. When we got off the phone that first time I just burst into tears (happy tears!) because that meant so much to me. That is one of the main reasons I started my blog - to help people with special needs feel more understood and know that "NORMAL IS OVERRATED" ;) !!

Thanks for reading all my ramblings this year about life, Jesus, and my love for fashion! There's more where that came from! LOL :)
Love you guys! ♡♡♡



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