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Adaptive Fashion

One of the most frustrating things about fashion is that not all trends or styles will work for you, especially if you have special needs. Duster sweaters can be too long if you are in a wheelchair, some jeans can be too restricting and don't work with orthotics, and just getting dressed period can be difficult if you have limited movement.. that is why I am super excited to share this post today because it combines 2 of the things I'm passionate about - fashion and also helping others in the special needs community. So I have put together a list of some great brands and stores that have started making adaptive clothing.  CLOTHES:  TOMMY ADAPTIVE  Tommy Adaptive from Tommy Hilfiger has several different options available for kids and adults. They have items that have velcro, magnets, and that are sensory-friendly. They even have skinny jeans with a magnetic hem opening that makes wearing braces and orthotics way easier (and they are really cute too!). My favorite piece from Tom

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