Why Clean Kicks?

So why the name Clean Kicks?

Well, "KICKS" because hello what girl doesn't love shoes?! And "CLEAN KICKS" because I'm cruising through life in a wheelchair which means no puddles, dirt, mud, or gum sticking to my kicks - they stay fresh and clean.

I want this blog to be a space where I get to talk about my love of fashion, SHOES, & beauty... but I also want to use it as a platform for discussing what it is like to be special needs. Because while life in wheelchair does have some perks, like clean shoes and good parking spots, it also has a LOT of challenges. So my hope is that this blog will inspire your sense of fashion, your faith, and your compassion for others who might be a little different than you. I am excited to share my love of girly things and also my heart with all of you! New posts coming soon. Hope you guys enjoy it!



  1. This is awesome Riley! My mom is a ESE teacher and I’ve been telling her about this girl I know through your dad that has such a serious heart and drive despite all life’s ups and downs. Are you going to be selling your kicks?!
    You should consider maybe auctioning them off? Take a pic with some on in a cool location and let the bids begin!

    Love what Jesus has done in your heart and your Dad and families!


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