Walk a mile in my shoes

Today I was thinking I would give you guys a little window into my world and talk about what it is like to walk a mile in my shoes. Clearly "walk a mile in my shoes" is just a saying, no body is walking my shoes cause I keep them fresh and clean by cruising around in my wheelchair but I did think it would be cool to give you guys some perspective into what it is like to be a person with special needs.

People tend to notice and stare at what is different. And being a kid in a wheelchair with a trach typically makes me different from most other kids I run into. My mom says there are two options for when people stare - either we can stare back hard at them until they feel awkward and turn away LOL or we can say hi and be friendly cause if we are talking with them then they aren't staring any more but having a converstation with us and maybe even becoming a friend. So when we are out and about I giggle or roll my eyes when my mom choses the first option but more often than not we always pick the second option of saying hi which has lead to lots of great conversations (and made me as extroverted as can be!).

And another thing I often tell people is don't be scared to ask questions. I am happy to help people understand what makes me unique and don't mind answering questions (as long as they are asked nicely!) Questions like "why do you have that tube on your neck?" or "what does that medical equipment do?" or "why are you in a wheelchair?" are totally fine. Just maybe stear clear of phrasing that is kinda negative like "why can't you walk?" or "what is wrong with you?" While I am used to answering questions like that, it is always nicer when they aren't worded that way.

I can't talk for everyone who is special needs but I think most would say don't be weirded out by or scared of what you don't understand or what seems different, typically there is an amazing person behind those diffences if you take the time to get to know them.

Different is ok, actually it is great. The world would be so boring if we were all the same. Imagine if there was only vanilla flavored icecream?! We need some rainbow sprinkles, mint chocolate chip, rocky road, and peanut butter ripple triple chocolate cookie crunch too!

Don't stare at or put down the differences you see, celebrate them. And next time you see someone different than you smile rather than stare and be happy that God didn't make the world bland and boring but full of different flavors.



  1. Love it Riley! Keep it up!!❤️🙌🏽

  2. You are so beautiful! <3 Very well written.

  3. You inspire me!!! This is applicable to so many ways we’re all different, too. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  4. OMG!!! You became a beautiful and very wise girl. Grandma Kathy must be so proud of you. Very good words!!!

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