Hello Summer

Happy First Official Day of Summer! Who else is excited?! And since today is officially the first day of summer (even though we got out of school weeks ago!) I thought I would share about my favorite summer fashion looks. There are a lot of really cute fashion trends happening this summer, like wide leg pants and 90's style ribbed shirts . . . and also some not so cute trends like bucket hats! LOL!

You can't go wrong with the classic summer looks like strappy sandals, cute white dresses, and (being a Florida girl) lots and lots of tank tops. This summer 80's florals, Bardot tops, and cute hair accessories like scrunchies, bows, and headbands are everywhere, which I love! So how do I try to keep up with the current trends as a tween (with not a lot of money in my wallet!). Well first I try to stay away from looks that are too adult. I am 11 after all so I want my clothes to be comfy and cute and not too grown up or crop-toppy. Also because I don't have a job and only a small allowance I lean more toward classic looks while adding only a few trendy pieces or accessories so I don't break my piggy bank on something that will be out of style soon. You can't go wrong with something like a classic white tee with a cute 80's floral pattern headband. Or this cute and bright yellow Bardot top with white sneakers to dress it down a bit is one of my favorite looks this summer because it is comfy, classic, and trendy. Whatever you wear this summer make sure you feel confident and the best thing you can wear is a smile!



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