Ahh its summer!

IT IS SUMMER!! YAY!!!! (And YAY for no math for 2 months!!!)
Since this week marks the first official week of summer I thought I would talk about some of my favorite fashion trends that are happening this season!

Tie-dye is everywhere right now and I am loving this trend because not only is it super cute but also so fun cause you can DIY it yourself! Or if your feeling a little lazy, like most of us in summer, you can order some really cute tie-dye pieces online from Abercrombie, H&M, Old Navy and pretty much anywhere else cause it is everywhere! :)

By "highlighter colors" I literally mean the colors that are like what you use to highlight your homework LOL! - especially pink, orange, and chartreuse. But this is one of those trends that you can go over the top with real easy so make sure to pair it with other toned down pieces like pale denim or simple accessories.

I love this classic trend because it is simple and timeless. You can never go wrong with an all white outfit in summer time (unless you are a clumsy smoothie/slushy/coffee/the long list of things I have spilled on a white shirt drinker like me!)

All kinds of denim: denim on denim, denim rompers, denim jumpsuits, blue denim, acid washed denim ... denim is EVERYWHERE!

But what about accessories?!

Super cute and summery throw back trend that I think we can all get behind.

I am a big fan of this super cute and boho trend. Give me all the wooden handle, straw, and wicker bags!!

Also MASKS! Masks are super in right now and as someone with on going respiratory health issues can I just say please for the love of donuts rock a mask when you are out.

Hope this helps you with finding some cute trends this summer! And whatever you wear you are going to rock it!

Stay safe! Stay kind!



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